Tuesday, November 19, 2013

XFactor Pillow Swap sent & received

One of my favourite swaps on Flickr is the brilliant X Factor pillow swap organised by Tiina. Unlike other swaps you don't have to commit to taking part in a round and you don't make for a specific partner, which removes a load of the stress involved.

Instead you make a cushion/pillow to the theme of the round, send a photo in and then after secret voting (which only the Swap Mama knows the results of) you are sent a surprise pillow in the post.

The theme for round 7 was "low volume". This is the pillow I made..

x-factor pillow swap - "Grass green" 

And this is the one I received. A very witty take on the "low volume" theme by Stephanie from Spontaneous Threads...


The really funny thing is that right up until I received the email yesterday from my partner who'd just received my pillow, I hadn't clicked that I'd actually done a straight swap! So Stephanie both made the pillow for me and received the one I made too!

I'm in awe of Stephanie's wiggly quilting. It would never turn out that way if I did it!

The next round which is due on 25th January has the theme of log cabin/text, which is rather funny as Stephanie and I have already managed to cover that between us in this round!  Anyone can take part by requesting to join the group on Flickr.

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  1. Looks like a great swap, I'll look out for it after the January round, I have too much to do before then sadly.

  2. Looks like a great swap. Like Kerry I'll look out for this swap in future rounds. January is a big month for me so I'd never fit a cushion making session in then too!

  3. Hi! Both pillows are super cute and beautiful! That was a quite surprise that you swapped together! x Teje

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, both cushions and how funny to swap with each other. I love the colours (or lack of!) in each :D


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