Sunday, November 17, 2013

How's this for a classroom with a view?

I spent yesterday morning doing a textiles class organised by Chichester Harbour Conservancy. The classroom is right on the quay and has amazing views all round the harbour. It used to be a storage facility (what a waste!) but 15 years ago with the help of lottery money it was transformed into a learning facility for schools... and occasionally for grown-ups too.

It was high tide just after I arrived and the water was right up to the quay and the sun was reflecting off it and shimmering on the white ceiling of the classroom. A more inspiring place to work you'd be hard pushed to find!

The course was how to create a harbour scene using fabric and foundation piecing. I've paper pieced before lots of times and I foundation pieced onto temporary backing last month for Teresa's bee blocks, but I've never foundation pieced on to fabric, so it was lovely to be shown new things to do with existing skills.

And did I mention that the teaching, the view and an endless supply of tea and biscuits cost just £16?

My end result was ok, but far more importantly I'm starting to see how it would translate to a larger scale and how it could become a quilt. So that's another thing to add to the to do list! I have a fantasy of creating a really large scale wall quilt for the sitting room in the new house... A fantasy it shall probably remain, but at least I know the principles behind how to do it now.

There's a 2 hour course in February creating art from Flotsam & Jetsam in the same classroom and for £5. Better book a space quick before word gets out!

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  1. Oh wow - you'd be hard pushed not to be inspired looking out at that gorgeous blue!

  2. It does look like a lovely classroom, and the courses sound good too - I'd be keeping my eye on what was coming up if I lived closer!

  3. What a gorgeous place. I love the big views of the ocean. But best of all when I really looked at the classroom I saw all the bugs. Huge replicas of insects - I counted 9 but there are probably more hanging from the ceiling. I think I could spend a lot of time there - it would be good for the soul. The photos along made me relax.

  4. That is an amazing view! Sounds like a fun course too. xx

  5. views fabulous but your framed picture is just beautiful, love something like that for my walls, might even try it my (very uncrafty) self x


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