Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's been inspiring me on Flickr and beyond...

Having my head stuck in books for large parts of the week I am finding it increasingly important to reignite the creative part of my brain by diving in to beautiful images online or in books. Here's a little sample of what's been inspiring me during October on Flickr and beyond.

Great quilts and cushions on Flickr... That one middle of the top row was created by members of the bee I have just joined. Isn't it stunning?

1. texty awesomeness, 2. Working on my beequilt!, 3. For the Love of Solids Mini Quilt, 4. Playing around!, 5. Fractal Radiance, 6. Center Block, 7. Hemispheres quilt top, 8. qayg cushion front, 9. Quilt As You Go Log Cabins

Eye candy for the coffee table...

This is a stunning showcase of fabulous mid-century homes and interiors around the world. I was particularly comforted to discover that despite her love of 60s homes (and her wealth!) Orla herself actually lives in a Victorian terrace house which was chosen for practical reasons.

Gorgeous photography. First two by fellow south-coast blogger Caroline South, last two by my sister Jane....

1. upload, 2. IMG_4268, 3. Lago di Resia - Resia Lake, 4. Waves Crashing Over Brighton Marina Wall, 5. Valle illuminata, 6. Summer nights sisters, 7. Pink Feet in mono, 8. Three Gates Gallery Sale, 9. Three Gates Gallery Sale  

And finally....

If you like houses, have a look at this incredible house created from a formerly derelict factory in France. I discovered Judith whose blog (and house) it is through one of the weekly Blogtacular Twitter chats and proceeded to get completely lost in her blog for over an hour... and then dreamt about her house! (Though probably best she doesn't know that bit lest she thinks I'm stalking her!)

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  1. I've just had to put the blog you mentioned on my reading list. Her house is AMAZING!!!!

  2. Gorgeous mosaics, I really love that quilt with the semi circles. Thanks so much for including my pictures! xx

  3. Thanks for including me in this cool roundup, Clare! So honored that you even dreamed about it :D Have a great week!


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