Friday, November 15, 2013

Golden days

Some things you can never plan to turn out as well as they do.... On Wednesday I was invited back to my old school to talk to the pupils about working in radio. My old school is 10 minutes from my sister's house. My sister's two children had an inset day on the same day. So they all got to spend the day together and Theo helped keep his cousins entertained while they were off school.

They baked, drew pictures, threw leaves, watched tractor videos, bumped down the stairs (a novelty for a boy who lives in a bungalow) and laughed. Despite the age difference, these two are Theo's greatest friends and his biggest fans.

And my time back at school? Lets just say this, I had forgotten what a hard audience teenagers can be! A sea of stoney faces devoid of questions. It's hard to know which one of us had a more exhausting day.

And thank you to my sister for taking so many wonderful photos!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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  1. I just love these photos - is Theo ever starting to grow up. And teenagers are a very tough audience. Not many of us are up to it...

  2. Aaww, he looks like he had such a lovely time and the photos are wonderful. My oldest absolutely adores his big cousin too. Youngest isn't too fussed :D

  3. Wonderful photos. My kids have older cousins too and it's lovely seeing them interreact and bond with each other.

  4. What gorgeous photos - it's great that the cousins get on so well and have fun together. Thanks for linking up and sharing their fun (shame your day wasn't as exciting) with Country Kids.

  5. That first picture is absolutely stunning! Looks like they had great fun :) x


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