Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So here's a funny thing...

When I started working in radio all those eons ago, the naive and optimistic young me thought that as I worked my way up in the industry one of the many perks of the job would be free stuff, but I was wrong.  I did get a few free records (and yes they were largely actually records) and I got a random longlife ready meal sent to me when I did the night shift, but that was pretty much it.

So forgive me if I chuckle a bit at this morning's post...

I got nothing when I was working in mainstream media, but now when I have a small blog, I get a box of personalised crisps with my name on. A lot has changed in twenty years I think, not just the technology to produce stuff like this, but also the question of who makes us buy what we buy.

Have you watched that movie The Jonses? You really should....

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  1. Oh I get free stuff for blogging too, money, cake, gloves, books.... :D love it! Would like free fabric next though please...

  2. How do you blag all this free stuff????
    Lucky lady!

  3. Always made me wonder how some bloggers get good stuff and others either nothing or stuff nobody would want to endorse. At least they got the name right...unlike the Christmas card template thingy :-) Crisps with your name on them is pretty cool!

  4. Okay so it is time for confessions. I live in Canada but there is a fabulous store in Halifax called Pete's Frootique. He is a Brit who carries lots of items from Britain. He even has as his decor a stuffed version of the Queen Mum standing on a balcony. I LOVE Walker's Prawn chips - but they are carried randomly. Some days the box is open and other days.... Probably a good thing. But Clare - you'll have to keep the package for posterity. And was there only one bag? Cuz that is just a tease.


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