Sunday, August 11, 2013

What's been inspiring me on Flickr...

I find it quite useful to do a monthly stock-check of the images that have been inspiring me on Flickr as it keeps me focused on the designs, colours and fabrics that I like. Low volume quilts are very much in evidence in this month's collection. I've been drawn to them because of the theme of the next round of the X-Factor pillow swap, but also because I'm now giving seriously consideration to using this palette on our (much delayed) master bed quilt.

Those who have followed this blog for a while will recall that I have made many sample squares for our bed quilt and always hated them. I'm starting to think low volume might be a great "safe' option with continued appeal over the years.

What's also worth noting is (on the whole) the simplicity of the designs I pick. I really do love repeated squares and triangles and yet I often don't make them because I consider them too easy. There's a lesson to be learned there...

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  1. I am drawn over and over again to quilts featuring squares. I keep thinking I should make something else but they really do show off fabric nicely.

    1. That makes me feel a lot better! Also are you familiar with Red Pepper Quilts? She almost always does charms...

  2. I think there can often be a disconnect between what interests us technically and what suits our tastes. Sometimes simple constructions can really allow colours and fabrics to shine.

    1. I think you've hit the nail on the head Mary! :-0


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