Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Wave quilt

I recently put together a list of all my finished quilts for the blog, but in the process discovered that I had completely forgotten to photograph at least one quilt! It's actually one of my favourite quilts and I completed it in May last year, decided not to photograph it in Scotland (where we were living at the time) and sent it to my mum, fully intending to photograph it next time we visited... and I forgot!

So here I am playing catch up. The pattern is Oh Fransson's New Wave Quilt, it's lap quilt size (about 40 x 40 inch) and as you have no doubt guessed, it's all made out of Kona solids. Though it was a year ago I seem to remember the pattern was very easy and it came together quickly. I'd definitely consider repeating it especially for a baby quilt.


The intention was to match the colours in two existing quilts that my parents have on their sofa, the Deer Valley quilt and the Moda Arcadia quilt (another one I have forgotten to document!) The sofa does not have loose covers and with a dog (a post-sofa addition) and three grandchildren, it needs protecting! We matched the colours with the Kona colour card and I backed it with the only one of the six colours I could buy sufficient meterage of.

The only problem is that now it is on the sofa it has made me want to replace the other two quilts. An awful lot has changed about the fabrics I have access to and the styles I like since I made the original two!


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  1. I love that pattern and the colours. Very nice. : )

  2. That quilt sofa is beautiful! I wonder if OH will let me do that with ours... :)

  3. Evolution, not revolution. The fabric I bought when I started quilting 20 years ago is NOT what I would buy now. But I just look at it as increasing my courage level to try colours, values and fabric choices above and beyond my original comfort zone. And the choices have increasd. I love ALL of the quilts.

  4. That's gorgeous Clare. I love quilts over sofas and you'll be pleased to know the gorgeous one you sent when Rosie was born lives on ours. When it's not being used as a playmat or den that is :-) x


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