Friday, August 16, 2013

This is 37!

I turned 37 yesterday and I wondered when is it that people stop celebrating their age and start trying to hide it?

I don't see a reason to apologise, life is pretty good. I weigh less than I did at 30. I know more about myself than I did at 20. I still wake up every morning wondering what the day might bring.

Me and my extended family all headed to the beach to celebrate yesterday. My nephew cooked sausages on a disposable barbecue, my niece built sandcastles with Theo. The dogs ran around enjoying the space and we all marveled at how grains of sand manage to get into picnics however tight you bind the tin foil.

It's been 8 years since I was in the UK for my birthday. Since then I've celebrated in the Falkand Islands, Canada, Cyprus and Scotland. I've marked the day in swimming pools or singing karaoke on remote farms, but it takes a lot to beat the English seaside.
We came home to a sewing machine cake cooked by Jim (didn't he do well for a non-baker?) and homemade ice-cream in cornets. My sister said birthdays in February are never like this.... and she's right. There is definitely an upside to being an August baby!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Before I read the bit about what your sister said I thought: Hmmm wish I was a summer baby and not a January one! I have a milestone coming up next year and intend to celebrate for the WHOLE year. Any excuse eh?

  2. Happy Birthday!! Fantastic birthday cake too.

  3. happy birthday, have been looking at your blog and have enjoyed it. Wish I was smaller now than I was at 20, I am twice the woman my husband married (not really but not far off, I was a skinny bride)

  4. That cake is so awesome! Happy Birthday!

  5. Amen to turning 37 and knowing yourself! 51's not too bad either. Enjoy every day!

  6. ok, technically Scotland is in the UK but I'll blame that error on your advancing years ;) Happy birthday lovely lady x

    1. Damn, I meant to write "England." It is 600 miles away, it feels a lot like a different country! :-)

  7. Happy Birthday! It looks the perfect way to spend a birthday to me :)

  8. Happy Birthday Clare! I love the sewing machine cake, so thoughtful-and I'm 37 too. No hiding it here, I love this age (ask me again in 10 years though).


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