Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We're off to The Island...

Later this week we're off for a short break in the Isle Of Wight, or as it's known in this neck of the woods... The Island. We'll be traveling over on Red Funnel and staying at the beautiful Priory Bay Hotel which I booked using some Red Letter Day vouchers I won last year.

In truth, the older I get the more I love holidaying in the UK. The simple pleasure of being able to fill your car with your home comforts, of not having to negotiate a packed airport or of worrying about vaccines, medicines and passports. I was also brought up on holidays that involved cross channel ferries and I've always preferred the freedom of wandering around a boat to the restriction of an aircraft seat.

Priory Bay seems to have everything I love in a hotel. Huge grounds (and a private beach, yay!) along with a highly praised restaurant and beautiful rooms.

So we are off to explore an island I can see from our house (just), but which I haven't stepped foot on for 15 years. Amongst the bits I am looking forward to most are...

Godshill Model Village - My parents took my sister there when she was younger and tormented me with the photos and stories of how far away it was. Now I'm finally going to get to go. Oh hang on... Now I'm finally going to get to take Theo. It's all about him, don't forget.

The Garlic Farm - Apparently a surprisingly good day out according to my neighbour and by the looks of things they do yummy food too!

Blackgang Chine - I saw photos of this last year on Caroline's blog and I confess it was actually the first I had heard of it. Jim was a little sceptical, but I've sold him on the newly installed animatronic dinosaurs

Shanklin - I never could resist a seafront promenade and a few beach huts. Hopefully if we have some dry weather we can let Theo loose on his balance bike here too.

Pop back next week for a report and lots of pictures...

Photos provided by Priory Bay Hotel

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  1. Hope you have a great time, and that the weather is good for you. X

  2. So many people I know are going here or have been recently - it's certainly a popular UK destination. Have a lovely time.

  3. I remember going on a primary school trip to the Isle of White when I was younger and visiting places like Blackgang Chine. It was great fun but I'm sure parts of it were falling off the cliff! Hope you have a great time! It's so easy to think of going abroad on holiday but there are often beautiful places to visit much closer to home.


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