Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blogtacular 2014

Tomorrow I am packing my bags and heading off to London for my first blogging conference, the brilliant (cause I know it will be) Blogtacular at the the Royal Institution Of Great Britain.

I'm really excited about getting the chance to hear words of wisdom from some of best creative bloggers in the business, as well as taking part in a photowalk with Xanthe Berkeley whose photography I have admired ever since I discovered her blog last year.

I am also looking forward to meeting the other attendees, some of whom, like Emma from Love Your Pics, I am have connected with online, others I have been cyber-stalking for months. In particular Lucy of Capture By Lucy whose food photography is inspirational, Emily Beale whose Living Arrows portraits I admire every week, Steph at Curlew Country who I only found through the Blogtacular facebook page, but who has a fab countryside orientated blog, Laura from Circle Of Pine Trees who I swapped blog badges with many moons ago and Kat Goldin (below with co-organiser Kat Molesworth) of Slugs On The Refrigerator who is one of the organisers and whose blog I have been reading for so long I can't remember when I first started.

My weekend in London comes not a moment too soon. It's been a long day today, stuck inside our one room (our living space for the past two months) with the rain pouring down outside, two bored dogs, a small boy who asks "why" 50 times an hour, no TV signal (the aerial needs rewiring as a result of the building works) a bespoke front door that doesn't fit, a grumpy builder and a firm of joiners who are trying to dodge responsibility. Urrrgh...

So London, here I come...

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  1. Looking forward to meeting up. Emma @LovingOurPics

  2. Looking forward to meeting you, Clare! Hope the joiners man-up and fix the door soon xx

  3. Have lots of fun, I cant wait to hear all about it! x

  4. Sounds like a great escape plan! Enjoy!

  5. Anything to do with builders, joiners and the like are my worst nightmare! I really feel for you. x


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