Sunday, May 4, 2014

#1day12pics - Out and about in Sussex

Over the last few months I have noticed a lot of bloggers taking part in photo projects to document a day in 12 photos and when I saw Emma at Love Your Pics was organising a #1day12pics event today, I decided to jump in.

I loved having an excuse to spend the day with my camera at my side and to focus on capturing images. Some hours yielded good pictures, others less so, but I'll definitely try and join in again next month and I also might do one month entirely on instagram.

This is what my day looked like...


09:28 - Early morning visit to Chichester to beat the crowds. These are remnants of the street art festival that took place last year. I meant to get round and photograph all of them, but I never did and now most are gone.  


10:04 - I hung around outside waiting for the shop to open at 10am to get these after seeing them on #fridayflats on Twitter. A footwear contender for Blogtacular next weekend if the weather is good


11:50 - Back home and a later than usual dog walk. The plants around us have shot up in the last few weeks and everywhere is teaming with wildlife

 12:21 - Two things Theo loves at the moment. (1) This bike and (2) A brown haired girl at nursery called Ava


13:25 - Lunch. Toasted ham and cheese sour dough sandwiches. I am a little addicted to my George Foreman. Probably ought to start thinking about some more creative lunches for summer...


 14:03 - Strawberries. I like them chopped up in a bowl with evaporated milk on top... M'mmm


15:40 - Winter feet desperately in need on sunshine and nail polish


16:24 - Our big dog dozing on the sofa and keeping watch out of the window. She's missing having the builders to provide entertainment today.


17:32 - Assembling the new pressure washer, with Theo making helpful suggestions

18:07 - He came running in to the kitchen to tell me that "water coming out" but he decided to keep a safe distance while watching.


 18:56 - It's Saturday, so Daddy is in charge of the bedtime story 


20:21 - First Jersey Royals of the season, brought back from Jersey by my parents on Thursday.

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  1. Looks like a lovely and productive day. Thanks for joining in! Hopefully we will see you next month.

  2. Cute idea! Sounds like a fun idea for a photo project!

  3. Gorgeous pics. Love the dog. Emma.


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