Sunday, July 27, 2014

External house photos - before and after

On Friday the final bit of external work was completed on our house and that means I can at last show you some before and after pictures of the outside.

There is still a lot to do, we have walls to paint, stairs to varnish, furniture to move, pictures to hang and our garden needs loads of work beginning with grass seed! The internal pictures will be another few weeks!

A quick recap on what we did (or rather had done!) The original house was a 1900 bungalow which had been progressively extended. We completely removed the existing roof and at the front we relocated and replaced the ground floor window on the left and replaced the one on the right. The existing UPVC front door went and in the opening we installed an oak front door.

This is how it looked in February of this year before the work started. We had originally planned to reuse the roof tiles, but stretched our budget to buy composite slate, I'm so glad we did!!

Now the side view. The first picture is of the house when we originally bought it (I think this was actually taken on completion day) in 2009. It needed immediate work on the inside and we also pushed out the middle section of the back wall to extend the kitchen.



Here's that same view today. It's hard to tie the before and after together, but the right hand window on the rendered section of the house has stayed the same throughout.

And finally the seaward facing side of the house. The room with the washing machine visible was originally a sun room with an internal window into the kitchen. We knocked through and made an arch. The two windows to the right were sitting room (middle window) and main bedroom (right) and those two rooms were knocked together to form our new living room...  



Today we have a rare cool day (I'm not complaining about the heat, honestly) so we are going to crack on with finishing as much of the inside as we can. I'll share more pictures as we progress!

Hope you are all having a great weekend...

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  1. Absolutely brilliant! What a gorgeous house you have created.

  2. It looks amazing, Clare! A total transformation. If I hadn't been following your progress I'd think you'd nicked a house from New England and replaced the whole building ;)

  3. looks amazing, love the back view. so much more room inside now!

  4. This is an amazing transformation, you must be so pleased!

  5. Oh my goodness, that house is BE-A-OOOOO-TI-FUL!
    What an incredible job, it is totally unrecognisable, you must be so happy with the results. Well done for having the vision to see what was possible. I'd have just thought "ugly bungalow, no thanks!".
    I hope it is a happy home for you and your family for many yeas to come.
    x E

  6. It looks amazing! Good work, you must be so happy. Hope you have a lot of fun and happiness in there :)

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. WOW, I can't believe it's the same house. What an inspiration to show what is achievable! You asked where I was from, I'm British but living in Belgium - here's a link to my about page if you fancy reading Have a lovely day in your beautiful home, Catherine x


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