Saturday, October 12, 2013

The wonderful colours of October...


Gosh, autumn is beautiful round these parts!

When we lived in Canada the thing I really used to notice when we came back to the UK for visits, was how colourful winter was. I don't think you really notice it until you have lived abroad.

On the Albertan praire for six months of the year things were a bit monochromatic. First the snow and then a spring that took ages and ages to arrive.

In the UK there is (mostly) always green grass, lichen on trees, berries in hedgerows or nuts on the ground.

My graphic design course kicks off with a "visual awareness" module next week... I'm in practice already.

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  1. Beautiful photos and yes we have a colourful country. Strange I always thought Canada was very colourful in the autumn too? Maybe in a different part? X

    1. Colourful in the autumn yes, but by the end of October the snow has arrived for 5 or so months and the spring doesn't really kick in till May! I only have experience of Alberta and Nova Scotia, but as Alberta was one of the Southern provinces I suspect it's fairly typical! :-)

  2. Gorgeous - I love the spirit of Autumn and in my mind this is always how it should be. Sadly the reality is normally a lot soggier!
    Becs x

  3. Lovely colours - your pictures capture them so well

  4. Your photos are Autumn!


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