Friday, October 4, 2013

Our video entry for the Center Parcs family bloggers competition

Center Parcs & Tots 100 are running a competition to find 12 official Center Parcs Family Bloggers who will each win a short break at one of four Center Parcs villages and a separate day long spa break. We have never visited Center Parcs (mostly because until now we've always lived too far away from one) but we have only heard positive things about them and we'd love to have a chance to experience it for ourselves. 

To enter the competition you have to put together a 1 minute video of what you like to do as a family. his is what we did...

I was quite hesitant about making a film (even one as short as this) but I surprised myself and in the end really enjoyed the process. In fact it's made me realise how much you miss if you only take photos. We could do with a few more short videos like this in our family archive...

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  1. That's a fantastic video. Good luck.
    Your house looks beautiful! x

  2. Aaaahh lovely. I'm in the process of doing mine too. Good luck x

  3. It is fab - I hope you win!!

  4. Such a lovely video! I hope you win :D

  5. I love this video - music is great and the lovely face full of blackberry juice makes me smile. I have a photo of my oldest one Sarah with the same look of joy on her face and a massive bowl full of wild raspberries from our cottage - but it changed when I took the bowl away!!

  6. This is the most delightful thing I've seen all week! Hope you win...

    1. Thank you, that's the nicest comment I've had all week! :-)


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