Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Brit Sewing Thursday Linky (24th October 2013)

This week I finally finished my paper pieced bird which is this month's FQR Bee quilt block. It was a fairly fiddly block to do, but by far the worst bit was joining the half a dozen individual components. Only when I stepped back from it did I actually realise that there's something not quite right with where the tail joins the body. I say "something" because I initially thought I had misaligned the two parts, but now I think maybe I just used the wrong fabric in the wrong bit. I resisted the urge to pull it apart, fearing it might disintegrate in the process. I hope Carol doesn't mind a bird with character!

Silly bird

Also this week I had a nice surprise. A copy of this book arrived...

It's written by Erin who blogs at House On Hill Road. Erin is pretty much the first quilt blogger I ever found in about 2008 when we were living in Canada. I have followed her over the years and learned a lot from her quilts, sewing and photography. (She actually got me started on the 365 project back in 2010)

Anyway, last year out of the blue, I was contacted by a picture researcher working on a quilt book, who asked if they could use one of my images in a quilt book, a book which turned out (rather serendipitously) to be written by Erin. So many, many months after that first request, it's published and....

Ta-dah!! That's my circles quilt on the right!

I am actually featured in a real published quilt book. It feels like a small but exciting milestone! And the funny thing is, earlier today I had an email from someone asking about the construction of that very quilt, so I will revisit it for a tutorial soon...

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  1. You know many birds have a special unique tail feather - I think it looks great!! I really like the background fabric. I just bought the Sunday Morning Quilts after looking at it for months on your blog!!

  2. I love your little bird - very sweet! And congratulations on being featured in what looks like a beautiful book, definitely a milestone to be proud of. Thanks for hosting the Linky again!

  3. Carol will love the block. I plan to do mine this Sunday at our Guild UFO day.

  4. Hi! Your bird is most cute and with perfect fabrics! Congratulations to having your beautiful quilt in a book! x Teje

  5. Your bird is just perfect!! I have made so so many wrong fabric mistakes in paper piecing. I know I should write on the template which fabric to use, but I'm too lazy!
    Congratulations on the photo in print!!! It's definitely a milestone!

    1. I don't do it either...but maybe I will next time! :-)


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