Tuesday, July 30, 2013

23 months

This boy is one month away from the big milestone that is two. And what a change from last year. Living in our own home, with Daddy in the same country and extended family around to celebrate. I'm looking forward to it.

Being nearly-two presents it's challenges. He's just starting to work out things don't always go his way, so we've had a few dramatic (and short-lived) tantrums, and tears when things are taken away from him. Apart from a few bad nights during the warm weather, he still sleeps tremendously well and has to be coaxed out of his bed in the mornings... and in fact the afternoons. Does it show in his face?

His vocabulary is expanding at a typically leisurely boy pace... Ma-Ma, Jane, Macy, Bella, Again, Juice, Tea, Doggies, Daddy, Car, Chocolate, More, Please, Eggy, Choo-Choo, Cheese, Gone, Tractor, Train, Quack Quack and Up, but take note, absolutely no use of the word "Mummy." If people suggest he says it, he looks at me, looks at the person who suggested it and remains steadfastly silent.

And he swings between baby-faced and growing young boy in the space of a haircut...

He loves Marmite, being chased round the house by his wooden push-along penguin, cars in all shapes and sizes, the dogs, being in the garden, playing with his cousins, pouring liquids between containers, watching Cbeebies, waving at people as they drive past the house, emptying drawers/bookshelves/cupboards, pushing his brick trolley, visiting Ma-Ma & Grumps, soaking people with the garden hose, sharing a joke and running.

He's funny, happy, outgoing and full of surprises.

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  1. And gorgeous! This is such a lovely age too :) Dan will be 3 in January and he only really started to say 'Mama' a few months ago - I felt a bit put out! They sound like they would be great mates; they love all the same things!

  2. I can't believe how he's growing up, but how curious he doesn't say Mummy. One day he'll surprise you and just say it out of the blue!

  3. My wee man turns 2 in September. How quick was that! I agree with about everything you've written #iloveboys

  4. What a cutie, almost 2 already. Time really does fly. Love the top photo x


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