Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yummy summer pud recipe...

Evaporated milk jelly
My parents went to a birthday party recently (for people their age, not children!) and when they returned my mum remarked on how out of all the puddings on the buffet table, it was the jelly that went first. This lead to a bit of a discussion about all the variations of jelly you can make and how nice jelly is with evaporated milk (a family favourite!) so on my mum's suggestion, earlier today I tried combining evaporated milk with jelly... and he results are delicious!

Ingredients : 

1/2 a block of shop bought fruit jelly
140ml Water
145ml (just less than a small tin) of evaporated milk

Method :

* Refrigerate the tin of evap overnight before using.
* Prepare jelly mix by breaking half the block in to chunks and putting it in a microwavable jug with 50ml of water
* Microwave for 40 seconds then set aside to cool slightly
* Measure the evap out and whisk it to a thick aerated consistency with an electric whisk.
* Take the cooled hot water/jelly mixture and combine it with the remaining (90ml) of cold water
* Fold the combined jelly mixture into the whisked evap.

Refrigerate for several hours - Delicious!

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