Friday, July 12, 2013

Cheer up Theo, we've got good news!

Theo in teh lavender fields

So you may remember that on my tick list of photo projects for this summer was a chance to shoot in a lavender field. As is so often the case, things don't quite work out the way you plan them...

We had such a cold spring this year that the lavender was two weeks behind where it should be and the flowers weren't in full bloom, the farmer is going to harvest this lot in a week, before they are even at their best. Theo was tired (you wouldn't guess from that photo, huh?) and my sister and I brought the wrong lenses for the location (to anyone else thinking of doing this, you really need a nice long zoom so you can get up on the hill and zoom in and fill the frame with lavender)

But it was close to our house, only cost us a £3 charity donation each, and will be good prep for next year.

Theo in the lavender fields

We came home with a few pictures in the bag and I did my borderline-obsessive-twice-daily check of our planning application for our house and guess what? We're approved - Wooooo! We can do the remodel of our house, subject to some approvals and conditions and boring stuff, but the important bit is, they said yes!

Lots of work to do behind the scenes now, sorting out builders, budgets, finances and specifications, but watch this space, things are about to get interesting!
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  1. Lovely pics and how exciting you can get cracking with the building project. Oh and whatever you think your budget is add at least 25% contingency because very few people stick to the budget. Probably because when you're spending thousands the odd hundred here and there doesn't seem that bad at the time...until you add them all up!

  2. so pleased for you .. and the pictures are great xx


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