Monday, July 1, 2013

Canada Day (a day early)


Between 2007 and 2009, for the first two years of our married life, we lived in Alberta, Canada, and ever since, wherever we've been in the world, we have celebrated Canada Day. Every year we try and top our fervor and enthusiasm with more flags and better food. We particularly enjoy confusing new neighbours with our elaborate displays of patriotism, only to disappoint them later when we reveal the only true Canadian in our house is Macy the dog.

This year the closest weekend day for a party was also our wedding anniversary, so we decided to really push the boat out, and Jim's menu was simply stunning (I know he's my husband...but) Maple glazed hot smoked salmon done in our smoker, baby back ribs, potato wedges, ginger, lemon and parsley chicken, corn bread muffins, mac and cheese (kraft!) and sausages. We followed it up with pavolva, pecan pie (thank you Carole!) coca-cola cupcakes and chocolate roulade.

We invited friends old and new. Some of whom used to live with us in Canada, one of whom actually is Canadian, but most of whom were Brits. And miracle of miracles... the sun shone, on the planned day of a barbecue. In England.

I was also particularly blessed to have my friend Carole at the party. Carole arrived with the pecan pie, stepped in to prepare food, cleared up and then put the dishwasher on. Trust me, everyone needs a Carole at their party...

Maple glazed hot smoked salmon

By the way, you may have noticed some particularly fabulous red goblets appearing in some of the photos. They were gifted to us by the team at just in time for the red-fest that is Canada Day (how did they know?) and are from their Baroque & Rock range. They are acrylic glasses which make them brilliantly practical for garden parties and were much admired by our guests.

Baroque & Rock wine glasses

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  1. You are much more patriotic then I am-and I am Canadian!! Feeling guilty now, I wish I had a banner of flags to string up!

  2. Happy Canada Day to you!! Looks like a yummy party - especially a strawberry meringue :) Yum!

  3. I admired those glasses over on flickr. They look like er glass! Looks like you all had a fabulous day with some really yummy food!

  4. Happy Canada Day. Rainy all weekend here in Halifax. But gorgeous in Ottawa where thousands gathered. I loved all your flags and the food looks awesome. Smart girl to pick a husband who can cook...

  5. Just a word about Calgary and the horrible floods they and other nearby regions have experienced. There is a quilter who is organizing blocks to make quilts - basically out of your scrap pile. The link is


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