Monday, September 1, 2014

Living Arrows - 34/52

ISO 640, 35mm, f/2.0, 1/250

Theo's birthday weekend did not go as planned after he brought home the lurgy from nursery and passed it round the family. Our guests were cancelled, the heaps of barbecue food we had bought was put in the freezer and only team effort managed to get a cake made and on the table for some ceremonial blowing out of candles.

Childhood birthdays are so few and so special that it's hard not to feel disappointed when things don't go as planned. We had already run up against the traditional hurdle of August birthdays which is scrabbling around for guests who aren't actually on holiday and then having surmounted that our efforts were all in vain.

Still we did still manage a cake and my mother risked infection for a brief well-timed visit to watch as Theo blew out his candles (still holding on to her knee for reassurance!) we will be attempting a rerun for family on Friday and a barbecue for friends in a few weeks. So in a way he will be getting his birthday treats several times over...

living arrows
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  1. Aww what a shame things didn't go to plan but still, at least Theo got to spend some time with all of you and his Nanny whilst blowing out his candles. His cakes looks delicious! I hope you all have a lovely time together with friends when you celebrate again in a few weeks :) #LivingArrows

    Fiona @

  2. Multiple birthdays is always the preferable option for children anyway ;-) They don't care if its on the right day!

  3. What a shame! Dan's first birthday was exactly the same, and it feels so disappointing! Hope you are all on the mend now though and happy birthday Theo!


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