Thursday, September 25, 2014

John Lewis Autumn Fashion Magazine

1 - Somerset by Alice Temperley Animal Print Scarf. £49 / 2 - Somerset by Alice Temperley Sequin Detail Jumper. £17.25 / 3 John Lewis Wave Bangles, Pack of 5. £15 / 4 - Somserset by Alice Temperley Melbury Leather Calf Boots. £165 / 5 - Somerset by Alice Temperley Qualigate Leather Across Body Bag - £150

John Lewis have just released their Autumn fashion magazine and they've invited me to share my favourite 5 items with you. I've recently started moving my summer clothes out of the wardrobe and into the loft and digging out last year's winter clothes. It's a process I go through twice a year, yet I'm always filled with misplaced optimism about what the boxes contain!

At this time of year I need a good pair of boots (I'm a country girl at heart) a leather bag and clothes which are warm yet stylish. As you may have noticed in putting this list together I've discovered I'm a bit of a fan of the Alice Temperley range this season, which isn't as terrifyingly expensive as I thought it might be.

The John Lewis Autumn Fashion Magazine is free to download via the App Store or Google Play

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