Monday, March 17, 2014

11/52 - In amongst the scaffolding

Age two and a half Theo has developed quite strong opinions on his favourite colour. His favourite Thomas train is James (the red one), his favourite model cars are red, his favourite clothes are red and for quite a few weeks he's been asking for red shoes too. Finally this weekend he grew out of his old pair and his wish was granted! 

As a mother who loves colour, I personally hope he never grows out of this phase. There are times in your life when you need to dress soberly, but the toddler years are not one of them. He can wear as many bright colours and crazy clothes as he wants. I'm trying to introduce him to hats and sunglasses next.

PS -  If you are visiting this blog for the first time and you wonder what the scaffolding is all about, we are two weeks in to a massive six month house remodel, more on that when I post tomorrow...   

living arrows

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  1. Good luck with the house remodelling! I love his face! I got my daughter her first pair of sunglasses today, but they don't stay on for very long so good luck with that!

  2. Yes to red shoes! If children can't dress exuberantly then who can!? Lovely photo of a very cheeky face :-)

  3. Love red shoes, Moo had a pair when she was little and I adored them, I can't bear to throw them away so I have popped them in her keepsake box


  4. Colour brightens up your life :) I'd love it if i suited a pair of red shoes lol. good luck with your house xx

  5. Thats so funny - my three year old also loves Red - everything must be red, even the cup he drinks out off, although in the past week he has combined blue and red together in things so hoping it's just a faze

    Laura x

  6. I'm so with you about being the one who loves colours and my kids too probably wear the craziest bright coloured clothes :)

  7. You know... Sarah was 3 or 4 and she put on a pair of purple pants and a bright yellow shirt with tons of colours in it. I was at church when a friend said... I can see that Sarah dressed herself. I was more interested in competency at dressing herself than having a fight over the colour choices. She also wore a pair of purple boots all summer when she was two. She was in a boat and we said - don't throw them in the water - well that's where they landed. Fortunately we were able to rescue them. So be prepared for him to not want to wear anything else.

  8. Love the colours you've captured. They really pop out. I can't wait until M can tell us his favourite colour.

  9. Such a cool picture! Industrial but looks like a professional photography background too! I love it, so fun! x

    1. Yes I think this background might be cropping up again in a few pics, especially when we've painted the gaps between the boards!

  10. Ha he sounds just like my 6 year old... everything R E D!!!! Cute photograph x


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