Monday, February 3, 2014

Living Arrows 5/52 - The one with the birthday tea

Millie's Birthday 

It was Theo's 12 year-old cousin's birthday on Friday and we drove north to have birthday tea. Even after a year back in the south of England, it's still a novelty that we can do this and return home within the day.

He had spent the days leading up to Millie's birthday decorating a card and practicing saying Happy Birthday. I passed his room one night long after he'd gone to bed and heard him saying the words over and over, determined to get them right, but on the day they still came out as a jumble. It's the joy of being two.

With the cake came the singing, he was looking between us in amazement, this unusual erruption of singing from his family. It's another six months till his third birthday, but unlike the last two I sense this will be the one where he gets it, where he understands the build up and basks in the birthday spotlight. What fun that will be.

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  1. Theo looks so happy! What a lovely picture :)

    Fiona @

  2. Look at his smile, what a cutie! I love the way they're looking at eachother ;) xxx

    Vikki @ Love From Mummy

  3. Gorgeous photo! I love the words that accompany it and the idea of him practising his Happy Birthdays!

  4. His face is priceless. What a beautiful capture.

  5. A perfect picture, they are both gorgeous :)

  6. Aww being 2 is the cutest, the jumble of words is just adorable. My son totally had a blast on his 3rd birthday, its so much fun to see them enjoy being in the spotlight!


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