Sunday, February 23, 2014

House renovation countdown and video tour...

There's only a week left until the builders arrive and the people building our studio, on the same day. That's timing for you.

I have moments of blind panic when I think of the logistics of all the furniture we have to shift and pile up in the two rooms that aren't being touched and then when I get over that, I remember the stuff in the loft which has to come down and be stored in those rooms too... urrrgggh!

Oh and don't forget this build will be going on for six months, so those summer clothes (where are they again?) need to be accessible and not trapped behind a sofa, or something.

We visited the council this week and paid the £195 fee for them to consider lifting the clause on our planning that says our windows must be a "subdued" colour (ie not white) and the £26 fee for them to approve the outside finish of the house. I'm hopeful we will get the stamp of approval, otherwise we have to go back and apply and pay again.

So until the work begins I thought you'd like a "before" tour...

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  1. Just found your blog through mumsnet, looking for blogging events to attend. Can't wait to see your finished renovations and I was drooling over your lovely tulip chairs and I think I spotted a Robin Day Habitat dining chair? I'm a bit of a chair geek/freak... call it what you will haha.

    I don't envy you going into 6 months of reno's on your home. We did it for 3 months a couple of years back. It's difficult but you get through it and it's only when I think back to it I realise how rubbish it was but I remember what we achieved and it was all totally worth it.

    Good luck with it all and I shall be popping your blog on my bloglovin list so I don't miss anything.

    Cat x

    1. Thank you so much for that lovely comment. I’m going to Blogtacular this year (my first blogging event - Eek!) which sounds like it would be up your street and seriously considering Britmums too.

      I also have a chair thing, I think like some people have a shoe thing, except shoes are easier to store away in a cupboard if you end up with too many of them! ;-)

    2. You're welcome and I hall certainly be looking into blogtacular. I've also never been to a blogger event but decided to give it a go but they seem difficult to find in the UK... or maybe I'm just pants at finding them :) Maybe I shall see you there?

      I'm a bit of shoe fetish too but not your manola thingamabobs... I'm a bit of a cutsie shoe freak. I have 4 pairs of red or deads jade t bar flats in different colours and 3 pairs of DM Mary Janes!!! At least it's not an expensive shoe addiction ha:)

  2. Even your messy bits look tidy! Best of luck next week, we've been through it too and still not finished! Still thinking of going to Blogtacular but not Britmums so may be selling my early bird ticket!
    When my 3 year old saw your son she said ah look, there's a baby! don't tell him, I know how touchy kids can get when you call them a baby!
    Speak soon
    Carina x

    1. I get in so much trouble when I call him "baby boy" these days! He says "No baby, Theee-o!"

  3. I think the thoughtful effort you have made to design your new space will prove successful in the end. Even if there are things that go wrong, I know you will take it in stride. I suspect that investing in this house will help ease some of the feeling of being in limbo all the time. I know that the frequent military moves have made me a bit off keel at times and unable to ever feel truly settled. I would like to buy my final house - one that is designed to please me and not suited to the next sale.

    1. We started moving furniture this afternoon and there was a part of my brain that went "Here we go again, one year on, moving furniture AGAIN…." I know you know how that feels!! ;-)

  4. Wow it's so exciting and will look gorgeous I'm sure. Good luck with it all and can't wait to see the after video x

  5. I hope the weather continues to improve so that all the building work progresses well. Good Luck.


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