Friday, September 13, 2013

A weekend of recharging my creative batteries...

Hot Shots in Cyprus

You may remember that back in May I posted my Summer Photography Bucket list and number 3 on the list was to attend the Hot Shots photography course in Brighton. Well 4 months on and 4 years since I first saw the Independent article that made me want to do the course, I'm doing it this weekend!

It's a two day course and on Saturday we will be shooting on two film cameras, one old and fairly basic, one more high end. Yes that's film cameras. Remember film? Fixed number of images, no option to delete and reshoot, no chance to see what the pictures look like until they are developed, no room to edit before you show them? I feel a mix of excitement and utter fear. What if I come back with no decent images? The thought terrifies me.

On Sunday I will be back in the comfort zone of DSLRs, so hopefully that at least will run smoothly. The course is what I would describe as a "seeing" course rather than a technical one. It's not so much about how good your kit is as noticing the opportunities for images. I think we all benefit from having our "seeing" skills refreshed every now and again.

And as if that isn't enough for one weekend, tonight entirely by an accident of dates, we have a date at the theatre...

We are off to see Neville's Island at Chichester Theatre. It's a comedy about 4 middle-aged businessmen who get ship-wrecked in the Lake District while on a team-building course.  I absolutely love live theatre, I find I get immersed in a story far more than when I'm watching TV or film and having been deprived of the opportunity to see it easily while we were overseas, I can't wait for this evening...

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  1. Neville's Island sound like fun! I wonder how long it will take for it to go all Lord of the Flies?

    Good luck shooting with ye olde film on Saturday. I was trying to explain it to Lucas (6) the other day. It did not go well :P


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