Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blog business cards (and a few hints if your planning on making some of your own)

I am attending two blogger conferences over the next few months and so I realised the time had come to get some blog business cards made (sounds serious, I know!) I've had a few business cards made over the years and I've always tended to buy them from This time I decided to take a gamble and try somewhere cheaper and see if their product was as good, so I went with Vistaprint and paid extra for a "premium matte" upgrade and the double sided option. With an offer they were doing at the time, they worked out at less than 2/3rds of the price of Moo and I have to say the finished product is every bit as good (though also every bit as slow on the delivery!)

I did the design myself and when they arrived I played around with rounding the corners on a few with a punch. I might do the rest, I might not... 

During my research I picked up a few bits of info about designing blog business cards which is worth sharing if you're considering doing your own...

(1) Include a photo of yourself so that the person you give the card to can relate the blog address to the face of the person they spoke with. The picture I used is also the same image I use on all my social media.

(2) Include your social media information, but not all of it. Twitter is a must I think, beyond that pick a couple of others that you are most active on, but don't overwhelm people or overwhelm the design of the card.

(3) Don't include your postal address, anyone who needs it can call or email you.

(4) Include a line describing your blog niche. Fashion, beauty, craft, parenting, whatever you do spell it out and help brands (and other bloggers) know where you fit.

(5) Stick with "normal" size cards. Most people have a business card holder to store their blogger cards in, anything bigger than normal or too quirky risks getting lost

(6) QR Codes - Yes I forgot to include mine, it wasn't intentional! You can get yours here for free.

(7) Don't scrimp. Hand out cards that make people excited to see your blog content, not something limp and home-printed.

(8) If you're outside of south-east England, include your location, or else chances are that's where everyone will just assume you are. (I know it's not right, but it's the way the world works)

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  1. These are gorgeous cards, Clare! Very eye-catching, indeed.

    I was thinking about getting some made up for Blogtacular after Jenny (Sunny Sweet Pea) mentioned that people were handing them about at a blogger meet-up. I had no idea that they were even a thing!

    Thanks for the tip! I'll bear them in mind for my attempts xx

  2. They look amazing, I'm inspired! I won't be using Vistaprint though, they stole £400 from me a few years back through subscribing me to things that didn't exist without my permission...

  3. love your cards. My daughter has a blog which is successful in a small way and won a competition for 1,000 business cards. Everything was great, except her mobile died and she wasn't able to carry her number over for some reason, so out of date as soon as she got them!

  4. They are absolutely gorgeous and fab tips too x

  5. Really lovely cards...makes me think I ought to get a move on with mine!!

  6. These look great, love the look of the rounded corners too. Thanks for sharing your tips. xx


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