Thursday, October 2, 2014

At last, a plan for our bedroom...

Last weekend we finally started the journey of transforming our bedroom from bland to errrr... boudoir?

If you've been reading this blog for a while you may be aware that amongst the confusion and chaos of settling back into our newly extended house, our own bedroom got a little forgotten. I had very clear design ideas about some rooms in the house, but just not that room.

Then two things happened. Firstly our old Ikea Malm bed died. I bought it in Germany seven years ago and since then we calculated that it has been taken apart and put back together nine times, oh and shipped across the Atlantic twice. So it's no wonder it fell apart.

We replaced it with a bed from Feather & Black who happen to have a huge clearance outlet just up the road (yay!) and at the same time I happened to stumble across this lovely house which has virtually the same bed, the same round window and a beautiful neutral colour scheme and a plan began to evolve.

So here's what's going to happen....

This week I have purchased the foam we will need for the window seat and the cushion for the round window and I have bought 12 metres of fabric from Falcon Fabrics to do the curtains and the window seat.

Inspired by this post on Love Chic Living, I think I have narrowed down the kind of rug we want for the bedroom. Something wool, neutral and geometric.

Our walk-in wardrobe needs kitting out with some proper fitted units to finally make the space tidy. (I've been seeking inspiration from

We are going to create a wall of white picture frames between the wardrobe and the en-suite like this.

The bedroom furniture (a chest of drawers and two bedside tables) which were bought very cheaply, need replacing with something a bit more inspiring and in keep with the overall design.

And finally we need acccessories to liven up the big white space. I'm building a Pinterest board of ideas ready for my next trip to Ardingly in November.

So, now I've committed that to a blog post there is no escaping. I'm going to try and stop getting distracted by trying to decorate every room of the house simultaneously and focus on this one room. First task is the curtains and cushions, I'll update you as I progress...

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  1. Oh yay, I love it when a plan is formed! Cannot wait to see it when it's finished, the bed looks awesome! x

  2. Sounds exciting, can't wait to see the finished result :O)


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