Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wedding cushions

Another wedding cushion...

One of the sewing projects I missed the opportunity to document during my blogging hiatus were my Wedding Cushions. I made three of these last year for various friends who were getting married, tweaking slightly as I went along.

As always I think it took till the third attempt (above) to perfect them. I quilted the front of the first one (extra work, no real gain) and used the red fabric for the reverse on cushion one and two, until I managed to work out what the fabric I'd been using for the front was (it's Essex Linen) and where to get more of it. (The Eternal Maker)

I'm happy with the result (particularly the third one!) but it's always difficult to know how well handmade gifts are received. Even my own sister is guilty of an unintended lackluster response to a handmade gift, which only years later I discovered she had absolutely loved after I stopped making said item due to the lukewarm response she gave! Gah!

Cushion made for a wedding gift Wedding cushion

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