Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Neighbourhood quilt

There is nothing quite as satisfying as finally starting a quilt which has been on your to do list for over a year. I first saw the design that inspired this quilt just after Theo was born and immediately bought a half metre of the Alexander Henry fabric that the quilt was based around...

I spent more than 12 months procrastinating and trying to decide whether to use the faces as part of a train design, or as the drivers of cars and every time I took something out of my fabric stash I'd see the Faces Around The World fabric taunting me. In the end I've gone for a very similar design to the original, but I'm incorporating trees and working with a more ordered palette of fabrics.

Faces around the world quilt

This is the first row almost complete (I need to add a strip of blue to the top) and I'm working on the houses for the second row as we speak.

Neighbourhood quilt - First row complete

I'm intending to make 4 rows in total. Possibly with a border to frame it all and I'm going to experiment with wadding. After years of using only cotton wadding, I fancy something with a bit more loft for this to make it more snuggly, so I've ordered some samples to experiment with.

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