Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Sunday breakfast

A couple of weeks ago husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Those of you who have already been-there-done-that, may recall that the fourth anniversary is the particularly uninspiring combination of fruit or flowers (traditional) or appliances (modern). Despite husband's proclamations that an Apple iPad was the perfect gift on both counts (so not happening!) I eventually settled on buying him a coffee machine for the office, and in return I got a waffle iron.

We picked up the waffle habit when we lived in Canada and just assumed on returning to the UK we'd be able to buy them in the frozen food section, but not so! Waffles apparently only exist in the UK in potato form or in restaurants, so an entire country's population is missing out on one of the best breakfasts around.

We're currently working our way through a waffle recipe book. This morning's mix was Belgian waffles which are moister and denser than the classic batter mix. They went down extremely well not just with us, but with visiting adults and children, and when you serve them up with bowls of fresh summer fruits, you can almost kid yourself it's a really healthy breakfast...


  1. I didn't know frozen waffles like this existed, although you can get these in the bakery section of most supermarkets - although probably no where near as nice as making your own!

  2. We have a waffle iron too, they are brilliant! However we don't tend to do the healthy fruit thing with ours, just syrup and bacon!

    Have you tried the buttermilk ones yet? They are very light. They are also good finger foods for little people at about 8/9 months.

    Enjoy your waffles!

  3. Buttermilk are next on the list Alix, we do the syrup with the fruit too... so not all that healthy!

  4. I used to buy them in Tesco no problem....near the crumpets ;-)

  5. The McVites things that go in the toaster Gill? Pah! They aren't real waffles! ;-)

  6. Lol, but beggars can't be choosers and smothered in butter and syrup the kids were easily fooled ;-)


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