Sunday, July 18, 2010

The corn seller

We have a new dog walk on our list, it's a five minute drive from our house, along a bit of natural coastline, a few hundred yards from a tourist beach. As you drive towards the sea there's a fruit stall and a family selling barbecued corn.

The corn is cooked for you while you wait over hot coals with a hair drier to agitate the fire, seriously a hair drier! Meanwhile the rest of the family tear the leaves of the raw corn ready for the next customer.

As we waited for the corn to cook we watched the family chat, and work, and smoke a cigarette, and chat some more. They probably make a killing in the summer and I bet its quite a nice life.

Bella took it all in too, hanging out of the back of our car and breathing in the smell of the corn cooking...

They served them up with butter and salt. They were delicious...

And the dogs enjoyed their sunset walk too...

How was your weekend?


  1. That corn looks delicious!
    Bella looks cute too!

  2. To start, I love your "sneak peak!" What talent you have, I'd be planning a place for it on my wall too!

    The corn looks delicious!! They cook it a similar way in Wisconsin (w/out the hair-dryer) and it is the best and certainly worth waiting for!!

  3. Hi, thanks for coming to my blog. Here in Malaysia we have corn cob like that too..with sugar and butter and burnt!

  4. Oh, yes, that corn looks delicious! And the walk looks nice, too.


  5. I love corn...called buttha here in it is roasted on coal..with a smearing of red chillie powder and lime... Loved the pics... Had a great time here!


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