Friday, May 7, 2010

Harvest time

 What a topsy turvey climate we have here in Cyprus. Everything grows in the winter and then dies in the summer, and of course that means the harvest comes early.

I see these bales of straw in the fields as I drive around the island and it feels so wrong. I associate them with shortening days, a chill in the air in the evenings, the start of a new school year and the end of summer, not the beginning...

But there is a whole lot of summer ahead of us, and this weekend we are going to do something you'd only ever do on a sunny Cyprus posting... We are attending a charity breakfast which is being held 1km out to sea, at a buoy that is used for target practice by aircraft. We are taking our own supplies, but there will also be some sort of cooked breakfast/bacon butty affair provided too... Canada had its rodeos, Cyprus has its floating breakfasts!

And I have sewing to do...

This should have been the most straight forward project in the world. It's a wrap skirt from Weekend Sewing, no zips, no buttons, a fairly simple construction. My mother suggested to me that I made it in some inexpensive fabric, in case it didn't turn out how I was expecting....How could it not turn out how I was expecting I thought? And then, after I'd started it, I realised how many errors this book has in it...

It'll be interesting to see if anything wearable comes out of my efforts...


  1. How-to books with errors - couldn't you just scream? How do they ever get as far as being printed? Reminds me of a babycare book that caused me great confusion for a while some 18 years ago, until I realised it had evidently never been proof-read...

  2. I have got used to the early harvest although it is not quite time yet here in Lazio.
    The charity breakfast sounds like fun, but as for the sewing I would run a mile rather than attempt any such project.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. 18 years of confusion! That is very funny... poor husband has had to put up with me being in a grump this evening as I try and cut more fabric and cobble together a skirt, I'm so cross! :-(

  4. Oh, I bet you'll do just fine with the wrap skirt! Yes, I can see how confusing the seasons on Cyprus must be....I'm confused just reading about them! But that's one of the reasons I like your tell about your life in an area of the world I have never seen. Thanks for all your pics.


  5. I agree with Liz! It's crazy to think that we are ending spring and our growing season is just starting, and you are in the midst of harvest; but that's Mother Nature who sometimes, like me, just doesn't make sense! :-)


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