Monday, April 21, 2014

Living Arrows - 16/52

35mm, F11, 1/100, ISO 100

I had a choice for today's picture, between a posed shot of Theo with his Easter haul and this picture taken in the field by our house. It was a tough call, but this picture won in the end. 

It very much sums up a moment we are in right now. The field's are in bloom and Theo is obsessed with his bike. We go through this field most days on the dog walk. This time last year he was small enough to be carried in a backpack (can that really be true?!) And six months ago he was walking, but mostly dragging behind. Now the bike goes everywhere even across bumpy ground and he races ahead of me and the dogs, so keen to get everywhere fast. It feels like a metaphor for how fast he is growing.

living arrows

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  1. Oh that's a gorgeous shot, I'm not surprised it won out!

  2. Beautiful picture! I love all the fields of yellow at this time of year. xx

  3. Love the colors of your photos! Vivid yellow and reds! #livingarrows

  4. love this photo really captures spring haha :) x

  5. I just love the stripes of colour within this picture - blue, yellow and green, gorgeous! #LivingArrows


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