Thursday, December 12, 2013

Brit Sewing Thursday Linky (12th December 2013)

So after a less than productive week last week, I am pleased to say I have had time back at the sewing machine! I have basted a quilt and I have finished the wonky windmill blocks for the mini quilt I am making for the doll quilt swap. I may have to juggle these blocks around a bit, but I'm going dizzy looking at them at the moment.

I think as we are heading into the Christmas period I am going to rest the linky from now until 9th January to give us all a chance to relax and/or catch up with our sewing, but I'm very much looking forward to hearing what you've been up to and sharing the quilt I have been working on in the new year...

Until then please feel free to share whatever you have been working on this week...

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  1. Amazing - so creative. The grey really disappears as more squares are added to the pattern.

  2. Lovely colourful blocks - although I can see what you mean about them making you feel dizzy! Good call on giving the linky a rest over Christmas - all of my sewing is secret things at the moment so I can't share them this week, but I'll be back in January!


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