Monday, December 9, 2013

Back to normal...


It's good to see this boy back to his normal self at last. Over the past 10 days he's been laid low with every symptom of the winter lurgy you can imagine (and really you don't want to imagine.) Somehow by sheer luck I avoided catching it, but the stream of broken nights and a tired fractious toddler took its toll on everyone.

He finally went back to nursery on Friday morning and we then spent the weekend catching up on everything, sleep included. By Sunday night I no longer felt like Christmas and university deadlines were hurtling towards me at an uncontrollable speed and things were back in some sort of order.

In the fog of the last couple of weeks I had almost forgotten what the old Theo was like, how he smiles constantly, is easy company and wants to engage with everything and everyone. When you are in the thick of something it's very easy to forget that you will eventually pop out the other side, but it's good to have made it through.
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  1. Gosh, poor all of you! I know exactly how you feel. Sadly there's more to come, inevitably their immune systems have to take a battering, but at least you got this bout over and done with before Christmas and escaped the illness yourself! Small mercies and all that :) XX

  2. Glad the little guy is back on form. Hope the stress levels return to being manageable x

  3. What a gorgeous picture! Sorry to hear Theo hasn't been well but glad you're all coming out the other side. This time of year is horrible got bugs x


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