Saturday, May 4, 2013

What's been inspiring me in April

These are the projects and photos that have been inspiring me on Flickr during April. You can see where I got my idea for the Pillow Talk Swap now!

What's been inspiring me during April

1. Bloomin' Pillow - Quilt As You Go, 2. _ABI7344a, 3. Peekaboo quilt - detail, 4. Is This "Love"?, 5. pts5 done!, 6. PTS9 Received! Thank You Holly!!, 7. PTS 4, 8. Hot Air balloon cushion cover, 9. Embroidered Pillow, 10. Cushion, 11. Front side of my first #pillowpop project Fair Feathered Friends by @j_q_adams from @houseofalamode #pillowpopbook, 12. Big Love Pillow, 13. A little Paris on my windowsill., 14. Bosham - reflections at high tide, 15. scrappy Starbright Quilt, 16. Cass Sculpture Park - Zadok Ben-David, Looking Back

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  1. i easily love all your posting choice, very interesting. I have always been fascinated by the interesting designs.


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