Saturday, February 25, 2012

The beautiful Moray Firth

When we moved to Scotland from Cyprus, one of the things I was most looking forward to were the Scottish beaches.

Big Dog on Lossie beach

This might seem like a really odd thing to say given that we were living on a Mediterranean island before, but you have to bear in mind Cyprus's beaches are often covered in litter or tourists, roped off to protect sea turtles or (in the case of all but ONE beach on the island) closed to dogs.

Scotland on the other hand has miles and miles of deserted beaches which are dog friendly, and for us personally we are lucky to be just six miles from the wonderful Moray Firth.

Rock hopping
Macy eating seaweed

Over the winter we've been consistently lucky with the weather, and most weekends I've been able to get out in the fresh air and sunshine, enjoy the surf and let the dogs have a good run off the lead (or just stand around and chomp on seaweed!)

Mostly this is thanks to some good friends who I do the walks with, because one adult, two dogs and a baby is a whole lot less stressful when it becomes three adults, three dogs and two babies.

Me on the beach

Now that there's less than a month till Jim returns from Afghanistan, we are both looking forward to him being a part of this and getting back into our old routine of weekends on the beach and cooked breakfasts at our favourite harbourside cafe.

This deployment has been a long slog but I'll come out the other end knowing and valuing our friends a lot more. All the old cliches about military spouses looking out for each other are (mostly) true, and when the tables turn, I am looking forward to being the one giving out help instead of receiving it for a change! I am so almost there...


  1. the pictures are wonderful... thanks for sharing..wont be long now x

  2. I must say one of my favourite things is walking our dogs on the beach in winter, it is somehow peaceful. Fortunately we live minutes from the beach so take it for granted. I was however blown away (literally) by a trip to St. Andrews two years ago as I didn't expect to see such a lovely beach. Lovely photos.

  3. Beautiful photo's of a beautiful beach. Having lived by the coast for over 30 years and now not living anywhere near, I do miss it. We are blessed to be able to visit often as our daughter and her family still live in Devon. But the thought of being able to stroll along the sand at the drop of a hat is a wonderful feeling

  4. Missing that beach already...and a dog to share it with too. Hopefully not long before Molly can join us in Missouri and we can find all the local dog walks around here. So glad you will soon be a family of three all together again. It has been a long old time for you. Great photos - will enjoy having the link back to Moray through your blog x

  5. Oh that is such a beautiful part of the world! Thanks for the lovely photos :-)
    I love your patchwork too. Avis x


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