Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday (28th September)

Theo's play mat quilt

I'm not sure if this really counts as a post for Work In Progress Wednesday, as it's actually very much about finished work... but anyway, it's Wednesday, so I shall jump on the bandwagon!

I have finally completed the playmat which I made to go under Theo's baby gym, it's taken me the best part of 10 days just to do the binding, but I guess that's life with a 4 week old!

As those of you reading in the UK will now, we had unseasonably warm weather today - even amazingly in Scotland! So whilst the boy was resting in the Silver Cross, I took the quilt outside to try and photograph it in the daylight.

No sooner had I laid it on the grass than Bella the Beagle appeared, quite obviously delighted that I had laid it out especially for her to sunbathe on...

Bella and drunkard's path quilt

And when she vacated it, the Big Dog decided she'd try and fit on it...

Macy on the Drunkard's Path quilt

Now obviously I couldn't throw either of them off it, because Little Dog had a tragic start in life and always manages to convey this with very sad eyes, and a recent trip to the vet revealed that Big Dog is a bit bigger than she should be, so I couldn't give her a complex and tell her to move...

But eventually they shifted and I photographed the quilt...


And finally a word about that play gym! When I posted a photo of the quilt in progress, my wise old (but not really old) friend Gill pointed out that the baby would need quite long arms to reach the toys on my nice wooden play gym. It actually turns out there was a far bigger problem, because as nice as that wooden gym was, it was just dull!

Despite the fact mummy likes wooden toys, Theo is a traitor to my cause! He stubbornly refused to be entertained by the wooden gym, but when it was replaced by an obscenely expensive, hideously plastic one with flashing lights and calipso music, he loved it! <sigh> So now the play mat quilt is going to be spending time under a slightly different play gym to the one I envisaged...


Another lesson learned by the amateur parent! Don't forget more quilts to see by clicking the link below!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. It was roasting alright, I was back to a cotton dress and the fan on during dinner. The quilt is lovely, you are very clever, I have tattie thumbs and sausage fingers right now.

  2. I'm going to add that to my list of brilliant Scottish phrases - Love it!

  3. Kids never like what you want them to....I recently spent hard earned cash (not by me I hasten to add) on clothes that I thought were lovely, only for my 6 year old to dismiss them and opt for some hand-me-downs that had most definitely seen better days!!!!
    I give up!!!

  4. Hello! Glad you dropped by. You live in a lovely place, i have had several holidays over that way.
    The heatwave seemed to miss us out - as it often does. Love your quilt - beautiful. xx

  5. Oops - i forgot to mention your cute little boy - what a sweetheart he is. xx

  6. I completely love the playmat! And what a cutie laying on it, too! It is a little disheartening when your babies don't agree with your choices, isn't it? Either way, he'll have a rockin' quilt to play on!

  7. A gorgeous quilt for a gorgeous little boy. Rosie's is still well loved and used! In fact one of our favourite uses for it is storytime...when Poppy, Rosie and I all manage to fit on it and have stories xxx


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