Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birth... announced

Birth... announced

Theo's birth is announced today in the Daily Telegraph, as my birth before him was also announced 35 years ago.

Over the last few weeks this section of the newspaper has been well read by my family. My mum and I would discuss it daily as we struggled to settle on an option for a girl's name. It was also the Telegraph that first made us aware of the huge number of Isla's that are being born at the moment, so it's nice to think that like us, other prospective parents will also be reading it today.

Birth announcements in newspapers in the UK have fallen out of fashion a little lately, but they are still popular among traditionalists. If you are reading this elsewhere in the world, it would be interesting to know if births are announced in your newspapers too, or if it is (as I suspect) a very British thing...


  1. I'm just catching up, a little late but what wonderful news, congratulations to you all. Theo is absolutely gorgeous, all your other projects fade into insignificance, brilliant work, and I'm pleased your are marking the occasion in the Telegraph.

  2. Hope all is going well for you all.
    Announcing a birth in the newspaper may well be a British thing - which is why is done here in Australia. I had a deja vu moment when you said that both you and Theodore were announced in the same paper. My son was born in the same hospital as me and announced in the same paper - an amazing fluke given how often we moved around back then!

  3. I always read the Telegraph's Saturday birth announcements, the names listed are always so lovely and mostly traditional. I announced the birth of each of my sons in our local paper, as did my mum and dad in the very same paper all those years ago.
    Congratulations on the birth of your son, he's just lovely.x

  4. I work for a newspaper in the US - Midwest in the state of Minnesota. Birth announcements are more lengthy here, often naming the grandparents and siblings of the new child, as well as where he/she was born and sometimes even the attending physician.

    Take care when you become - once again - a family of two...


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