Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday (24th August)

Sherbet Pips crib quilt 3

First off, I'm still here, and still pregnant... 41 weeks along! I've been walking a couple of miles a day, eating pineapple in every form, taking raspberry leaf tablets, bouncing on an exercise ball, and I even ate curry three nights running, and still this baby is going nowhere... Even after I fell down the stairs yesterday (not a scheduled part of the labour inducing plan!)

So tomorrow morning I'll be trying some reflexology to coax things along and on Monday I'm being admitted for an induction. I was so certain there would be some news by now that I even took my sewing machine in for a very long overdue service on Saturday, what a fatal mistake that was, I'm going stir crazy without it!

Still I did manage to finish a couple of things before I handed it over. Firstly the Sherbet Pips crib quilt, which is without a doubt my favourite quilt to date.

Sherbet Pips crib quilt front

The style of quilting is more accidental than planned. For the first time I added some detail to the back of the quilt, but it didn't precisely match with the front, so I needed a style of quilting that wouldn't give that away... Accidental, but I love it!

Sherbet pips crib quilt reverse

For those curious about the pre-washing of the batting/wadding, it definitely seems to have made the end result less baggy/crinkly, although whether this is also partly a result of the intensive quilting I'm not sure, I will keep experimenting.

I also tried a non-quilting project, some newborn pants from a free pattern by Made By Rae. This pair were a bit of an experiment with leftover fabric, which is why the fabric doesn't match precisely (apologies to perfectionists!) they are also shown without the elastic added to the waist, which I was waiting for in the post.

I'll definitely be making more once I know how girlie or boyish I can go with my fabric choices. They are INCREDIBLY simple to make, so simple that even a sewer like me who likes to stick to nice two dimensional quilts couldn't muck them up!

Funky trews

Hope you've also had a productive week, here's hoping they'll be baby news to share by next Wednesday!

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  1. Well, when I saw on my blog that you had posted I thought for sure it was to announce the baby! So sorry you are still waiting, and I hope he/she makes their arrival soon. (Beautiful quilt too of course).

  2. Well, you are definitely giving all the old housewives a bad reputation - not one of their old tales working for you! love the pants - sewing clothes for babies and children is so much fun, you can go to town with fabrics and trims in ways you probbly ouldn't do for yourself.

    What a lovely way to use the Sherbet Pop fabric, especially the quilting:)

    Take care, Kathy from Tasmania

  3. I love the crib quilt. Good luck with the impending baby.

  4. I love those baby pants! So cute! I hope the baby comes soon for you and you can avoid induction. The waiting at the end is the worst, especially when they are fashionably late haha. Good Luck!

  5. The quilt is just precious. I love it. BTW, this might be an old wives tale, but it always held true for me and both of my babies were born two weeks early. Look at the moon phase. The nurses at the hospital told me there were always a lot of babies born during the change of the moon. I never quite understood when that was exactly, but it might be soon as my children have the 21st and 22nd days of their birth months as birthdays.

  6. Oh, I love the crib quilt! Tat will be perfect for the new baby. So sweet! Sewing anything for a baby is fun, but even more so when it's cute things for them to wear. I keep making my boys more pants just because they are easy and cute, not because they need them!

  7. Gosh - I hope everything goes well for you ... and soon! Your sewing is just lovely; hope you find time to continue with it!

  8. Clare, I wish you all the very best as you welcome your new arrival with the sweet quilt!

  9. I have just come across your blog...I really love your quilts and hope baby comes soon!

  10. Aw, the quilt is precious! I look at it a smell weird is that? Babies are the bestest! Best of wishes on getting the lil guy/gal out...xoxo

  11. i adore this quilt...i can't get enough of this quilt! lovely!!!


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