Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer... at last.

Yesterday my new home and I had a little bit of a falling out...

Hopeman Beach Huts

While nearly the whole of the UK was basking in sunshine, in Northern Scotland it poured with rain... all day.

And although there is more to life than good weather, it's hard not to be a little glum when it feels like everyone else is enjoying a party you haven't been invited to.

Through the Beach Huts

The radio, the newspapers and facebook were full of stories of people enjoying the sunshine further south, while we looked out of the windows and only saw grey skies and deepening puddles.

In London it was 30c and on the Moray Firth it topped out at 15c.

Hopeman Beach looking out on to the Moray Firth

But this morning something magical happened. My husband awoke me with the words "It's a beautiful day outside" and he wasn't (as I thought initially) being ironic! The skies were blue, the temperature had risen and Scotland was having a day of summer!

Blue stripes

I grabbed the camera and headed down to the beautiful beach at Hopeman, just along the coast from us. The sea was shimmering in the sunlight, the beach was deserted and dotted along the shore was a brilliant rainbow of beach huts.

A few hours of sunshine and Scotland and I are friends once more!


  1. That wasn't Scotland having a day of Summer...that was summer ;-)

  2. Sunshine is such good medicine for the psyche! Rain has its place, too, but sunshine lifts the heart.

  3. Exactly the same here in the Borders. You could say when the sun does shine you appreciate it more but I'm inclined to agree with Gill above. That was the second summers day we've had so far.

  4. I LOVE these photos! Am a big fan of beach huts and the colours are gorgeous! The so-called summer weather is pretty terrible this year, isn't it? Hey ho, at least we live in a beautiful country, rain or shine!


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