Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Croissant heaven

Pain au chocolat 2

Stack of pain au chocolats


This morning I woke up with a cold, not just any cold, but a cold which comes in addition to the pregnancy rhinitus I've had since Christmas. Despite it's lengthy duration, I've weathered the rhinitus fairly well, but getting a cold on top of it really feels like a kick in the teeth (was there no one else available to have it on my behalf just this once?) HOWEVER, the day was saved because I also woke up with croissant dough proving in the fridge.

So several hours, some repeated dough folding and 20 minutes in the oven later, I had 8 pan au chocolat and 8 croissants cooling on racks in the kitchen, and this dear readers, is one of those moments I am glad I blog! Because this week it is just me home alone, and there really is only so much standing around and saying "wow" that a girl can do on her own, and I'm just SO impressed that these actually worked! Don't they look great?

The million dollar question of course is how many have I eaten? ;-) Well, in a remarkable show of restraint I have only had two and the rest will be frozen till the weekend, when I know a certain tall husband who will be very happy to have a couple for his breakfast on Saturday...

PS - For a link to the baking book, see below. These croissants (and all the bread) are made from scratch starting just with the raw ingredients of flour and live yeast.


  1. I am speechless. Who can articulate with a mouth full of drool? Knowing that postage to the US would be astronomical, I can only hope to get myself dressed, get in the car, and search the city for something as scrumptious looking!

    P.S. If you cook this good when you are sick, imagine what you get done on a really good day! I am impressed!

  2. These look yummy. Have never thought of making my own - assumed it would be too traumatic an experience!

  3. No trauma involved I promise, all the steps are easy, it just involves patience, so a few minutes work and then a wait, then another few minutes... The results are totally worth it though.

    And Ninny thanks as ever for your enthusiastic response! :-)


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