Saturday, August 14, 2010

A step forward...

We are back in the UK again, amongst the greenery, the rain and the fading days of summer... The air is cool enough for trousers, breathing and thinking. It is a wonderful change.

We've come back not just to escape the heat, but also so I could go ahead with a decision I made a few months ago. On Wednesday afternoon I underwent breast reduction surgery. I spent a long time reaching my decision, 15 years on and off, but in the end I did what was right for me.

The internet was (as always) an invaluable source of information. Diaries, blogs, forums even bra reviews. Where would we be without it?

Ahead lies two and a half weeks of 'rest' before I'm allowed to fly or drive... I do not do sitting still easily, so this may yet prove to be the hardest part.

I have a few bits to keep me occupied... Good books, my camera and preparations for a quilting class I am teaching in September. Tomorrow is my 34th birthday and from where I'm standing the year ahead looks good.  I've learned that sometimes the hardest decisions, can produce the best results...


  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Enjoy the cooler weather, gather ideas for more fabulous quilts, and do some bloggy posting. This is a time to recoup the spirit as well.


  2. Hope everything goes ok for you over the next few weeks, I had breast reduction many years ago and I can safely say it is the best thing I've ever done . I still have a few small scars but definately no regrets . Happy birthday wishes too , maybe you'll get new underwear :-)

  3. That is something I probably should have considered but thought I wasn't that big however I think a lot of my backaches stem from the fact I am hefting around more than my share of mammary glands. Done it for over 40 years now so I guess they'll go when I do now. Hope you have a speedy recovery and an enjoyable fading British summer

  4. I do so wish you a very speedy and comfortable recovery!! There's no place like "home" to do just that, and I know you'll get lots of care from your family!! Take care and take it easy!!! :-)

  5. Hi Clare - do hope you are well and recovering. Just think of all the shopping for new bras you are going to do - could keep you busy whilst recovering, laptop and credit card all that is needed. I am 61/2 weeks behind my blog - we have been so busy. Take care.

  6. Hope you make a speedy recovery - the "lovely" weather we're having here in the South East should keep you cool :-)

  7. Just read this Clare - hope the recovery is going well. A friend had the same operation and has never looked back. She couldn't believe the freedom she felt not to mention being able to find more clothes and bras to fit properly. Good for you.


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