Monday, June 14, 2010


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you's be forgiven for thinking I'm a little food obsessed, and I confess I am! I love trying new dishes...

Today we had a special lunch at work, and George our Cypriot engineer cooked up some Loukoumades - sweet deep-fried balls of dough. I was tasked to be his helper, dipping the freshly cooked balls in a mixture of syrup and spices and testing them to make sure they were just right (this part was particularly difficult) I could only manage about five in a sitting, but they were pretty awesome.

We ate them in the shade at the back of the office as part of a traditional souvla lunch, then went to the beach for a photo shoot for work (results of which you may see in a few days) It is the kind of life everyone back in the UK believes we lead all the time, and it's nice when very occasionally we do!

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  1. Oh - souvla! Heaven! Always liked better than souvlakia. With a shot of Cyprus brandy. Very envious!


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