Monday, April 5, 2010

What we made today...

More bread sticks - this house is starting to look like a bakery! Today's two batches fresh out of my mother's oven, were cheese and garlic, the garlic butter made by Jim. I know we've seen them before, but they do look great...

And an almost complete quilt top. I bought the charm packs for my mother for Christmas to get her back into quilting. She took classes 20 years ago, did some very fancy sampler squares, but never actually completed a quilt.

The pattern is made in exactly the same way as my value quilt, but this time half the fabric is cream  and the squares have been arranged to give a zig-zag pattern. I think it might actually be my favourite quilt yet, which is unfortunate because its not mine!

The fabric is Moda's Arcadia. I either had a lucky guess, or a moment of genius when I ordered it from Cyprus, as it matches all the colours in my parents kitchen, where it will eventually live...


  1. Love the quilt and the colors in it! The bread sticks....oh my, they would be perfect with my glass of merlot just now!


  2. Those bread sticks look delicious! The quilt is gorgeous too, and how cute are those lambs!!!

  3. Breadsticks are one of my all time favourites and I love your quilt top the colours are fab.

    Nina x


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