Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quality time...

It really has been the most wonderful day. My sister and my niblings joined us for the day, we had a long walk, lunch by the sea and the most rarest of things happened... the sun shone. The phrase "quality time" is a little overused when it comes to families, but nothing sums up today better.

Then with the clock ticking on my sister's departure, and the sun lowering in the sky, we finished by doing something we do all too rarely. We threw down a quilt on the lawn and started taking photos.

As always some family members were reluctant to comply, but eventually everyone had their moment in front of the lens. Even the dogs played along (briefly)...

 And the doggy outtakes...

Afterwards, we worked out that its been 12 years since my sister, my mother and I had a proper photo taken together, and 7 years since my mother and my niece and nephew had a decent posed photo together.

It's so important to capture the moment, and isn't digital photography wonderful for letting you do just that...


  1. A wonderful day. Family is the best! :-)

  2. Lovely family pics, I must take more of mine!

  3. Those are indeed photos to treasure, your family certainly knows how to smile beautifully.

  4. Precious photos of you, your sis, and your mom!


  5. Clare, what lovely pictures!!!! You are so right about family photos and how precious they are and what treasures they become!! My Mom passed away 2 years ago and I have no pictures us together because she always hated to have her picture taken--I should have pushed her more to do it, but didn't...


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