Friday, February 19, 2010

Waiting for rain...

It's not all sunshine and lemons in Cyprus you know...

A huge cloud of African dust is currently hanging over the whole island, swept here by a winds and a low pressure system over Morocco, and now just hanging around waiting for rain to bat it out of the atmosphere.

The dust concentration in the atmosphere is apparently over 4 times the safe amount, which is providing the Cypriot newspaper with plenty of material for horror stories about the potential dangers to health.

Light rain is forecast on Sunday, which will clear things up, but which will also mean that all the dust currently suspended in the air, will end up smeared down our windows, and all over my newly washed car... oh well.

PS - I am LOVING hearing all your Valentines stories. It seems like the stereotype of couples having a romantic restaurant meal is not true in almost all cases! Keep them coming and I'll pick a winner on Monday...


  1. Goodness, that sounds almost too iffy to go out! Is it safe to breathe outside? I know where I'd be, lol, inside, curled up on the settee, crocheting.

  2. Apparently if you are "old, young or pregnant" you should be only making essential journeys and doing so with a mask on!!

    I'm sure it can't be worse than the air in London though!

  3. It "kind of" reminds me of when we lived in Alaska and volcano erupted--The air was awful and the dust was everywhere and unhealthy to continually breathe. Sorry about the cloud hanging over your lovely little island, I hope it leaves you soon and sunshine and lemons return!! :-) Enjoy your weekend!


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