Sunday, February 21, 2010

A busy weekend...

This weekend I made cushions. The first one on Saturday, the second one on Sunday. In between I spoke to my mum and told her what I was working on. She said "Did you back the front and put a zip in?" and instantly I regretted short-cutting. So I made the second one today with backing and a zip.  I now have a pair of subtly non-identical cushions. One with a mother's influence, one without.

We also had another gift of lemons, some as big as grapefruit and all with stalks and leaves attached; beautifully fresh. Jim came home from work on Friday with a carrier bag straining under their weight and a freshly printed recipe for lemon cake...

It was delicious.

The best lemon-related idea I could suggest was more lemonade... We're are drowning under the stuff. A bottle will accompany each of us to our workplaces tomorrow...

And of course, we took the dogs for a couple of long walks. In Cyprus, dogs are banned from beaches, but each municipality is legally required to designate a dog friendly beach in their area. Although this has been a legal obligation since 2003, only one local council (Ayia Napa) has actually nominated a beach.

So we'll keep our side of the deal, when they keep theirs....

Call in back for the competition winner tomorrow night...


  1. Your cushions are lovely and I love the prints!

    When we lived in a "subdivision" we used to take our dogs to a baseball field that TOTALLY off limits for dogs--If someone said soemthing I always tried to have a "dumbfounded look" like I didn't know "that rule!" But we always cleaned up after them, so what was the difference?

    By the way, have I told you that I'm jealous of your fresh lemons? :-)))))

  2. Ahhh that dumbfounded look... it works a treat doesn't it! The more brazen you are, the more convincing it looks! :-)

  3. I love the cushions - gorgeous colours! PS. you will love 'Deer Valley'.

  4. Just beautiful cushions and my am I hungry for a slice of tht delicious lemon cake, my mouth is literally watering!

  5. We picked a load of lemons today as well, Would you share your recipe for the lemon cake and lemonade?

    Also I need some cushions, yours look fab. maybe I'll attempt to make them myself!

  6. Your cushions are beautiful. Just seen them! I have to confess that I never put zips in my cushion covers and no-one has ever commented. Least of all my mother!!! (Who incidentally has bought me a Cath Kidston sewing box for my birthday!!!!)


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