Sunday, January 19, 2014

6 weeks to go - Goodbye damp garage!

I mentioned last week that we'd discovered our second garage, at the back of our house, had serious damp problems. It's not an attractive building, but we'd been delaying doing anything with it as we thought it might be a useful storage space during the build. However a damp storage space, is not a useful storage space at all. So we made a bold decision this weekend and we demolished it!

Now I will be entirely honest here. I did the prep work getting rid of the trellising and the plants growing up it and then Jim did the heavy work. I asked him to call me when there was something fun to hit with a sledge hammer, which is exactly what he did and then I went back inside in the warm...

We also did a long drive on Friday to go and view some possible replacements for the garage. We want something in keeping with the general Canada / New England theme of the build. There are some amazing garden buildings out there with mezzanine floors, verandas and underfloor heating. We shall be having something quite modest I think! There will be more shuffling of numbers round Excel spreadsheets this week. Time is not on our side, we need to make a decision this week!

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  1. What a fabulous video - demo woman. Love Jim's comment - "that's Clare getting dramatic." That's not what Ian means when he says that about me!! So my weekend was cross country skiing at Martock then getting a pile of snow last night (22 cm) most of which is shoveled. I am convinced Ian left for Africa to avoid shoveling... Next year I plan to sip tea and watch him shovel the driveway through the window.

  2. I only have a small summer house. Rest of the family raised eyebrows and even talked me into going smaller because they couldn't see my vision...until it was up. Now everyone says - oh you were right and you could have gone a bit bigger too!


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