Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bloomin Quilt As You Go Cushion


I have been very slack on the crafting front recently, I haven't sewed in weeks. The fabric I cut out for my shopping tote is still sitting on our kitchen table and my list of projects is getting longer not shorter.

Mostly it is because I have got heavily involved in a wonderful and important local project to save an ancient orchard. It's stimulating and enjoyable, but I still wish there were more hours in the day and I could take on more things, and still do all the other things as well. Don't we all?

Anyway, today I finally have a finish! This is my Bloomin Quilt-As-You-Go cushion....

Observations on making it? Firstly it takes up a lot more fabric than you expect, so be prepared. The blue on the edges of my cushion front were a natural progression, but not part of the original plan. Secondly the quilt-as-you-go method is lovely! Very precise, very neat, very therapeutic, I'll be doing it again. And finally, in retrospect my design turned out a little too square, next time I do it (and I will do it again) I will make sure to use an odd number of strips on each layer to give it a rounder shape.


The back is part of my journey to make friends with zips! I love the finish they give, but hate putting them in! I used Chrissie D's tutorial and despite the fact I sewed it with the flap up first time, and had to unpick and resew, the result looks ok... I think zips and I are on the way to being friends! As they say, every day is a school day! 

Oh and one other thing. I have after many months of indecisiveness, switched the domain of this blog to Blogger says anyone following on the old blogspot domain should be forwarded, but if you could leave a comment to say you've seen this it would help reassure me!

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  1. I love this cushion - even more than the one with the instructions. I am attracted to the gorgeous colours. I suspect that some of us automatically create things in a more linear manner - struggle to be random. I have listed you on bloglovin so I will absolutely stay attached to your blog. It is awesome. Nancy

  2. I love how this turned out! Glad my tutorial worked for you :)


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